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 Sketch as project manager at eop architects

Sketch as project manager at eop architects

He understood us maybe better than we understood ourselves and he always approached the project on what is best for Southland rather than his company. He truly had the best interest of the client foremost in his mind as he managed and worked on the project
— Craig Avery - Southland Christian Church
He shared our nonprofit’s passion in rebuilding our newly acquired multi-family unit.
— Jason Thomas - Shepherd's House

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  • Located in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Interest in PreFab



Our experience includes both the public and private sector and ranged from federal, state, and local government institutions to Fortune 500 corporations and private developers.  We are passionate about collaboration - we want to work as a team with our clients to exceed our design goals. 

Having an extensive background in construction and an award-winning background in architectural practice, we are in a unique position to lead clients through the design and construction process.