Jace Burris

In 2013, after working for architectural firms in Lexington, Kentucky, James C. Burris founded the firm to pursue career goals focused on green initiatives, and to meet the challenges of responsible building practices.  This effort requires design and technical excellence while advocating the practice of a holistic approach to the built environment.  

By integrating systems and environmental choices, we believe the making of meaningful architecture employs collective intelligence.The ideas, ideals, and daily use of the inhabitant should inform the core acts of the architect to select, organize, integrate, and articulate the systems and constructions of the built environment. Collaboration and the ability to listen to and absorb the desires and aspirations of clients is paramount to any project’s success.  It is from the needs of the inhabitant, and in the context of site circumstances, that the masterful expression of landscape, light, materials, and systems can result.Having an extensive background in construction and an award-winning background in architectural practice, the firm is in a unique position to lead clients through the design and construction process.